Lead Your Own Joy-Based Retreats™

Free: My 5 Essential Tips to make your Retreats EASY and JOYFUL!

I am excited to share with you the blessing that leading Joy-Based Retreats continues to be in my own life. 

And I love that YOU are excited about the possibility of adding this big chunk of JOY to your life

My "5 Essential Tips to Leading Your Own Joy-Based Retreat™ with Ease." will give you a quick and simple insight on five important points I use myself for each and every one of my Retreats to keep things organized, simple, effective and stress-free. 

Then, as soon as the beta version of my online course is live and ready to go, I will let you know and invite you to jump in this batch of goodness with me and learn how to do this, using my very own blueprint and all my special tools. It will be available for just one week, and at a discount. 

Till very soon,


"I saw the magic that embraces Laura everywhere she goes, and realized the magic is there for me too."